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Test Engineering

No industrial sector can afford to produce or even deliver defective parts. Comprehensive and reliable testing ensures that only flawless products leave the production line, thus avoiding follow-up costs and rework.

For example, we develop and produce test benches for DC motors, machine tool gears, various sensors and actuators for the automotive industry or components for the aviation industry. We also realize long-term test facilities up to applications with measurements in the μs range. Together with the customer, we develop the optimal test solution for his specific application area in a reliable and user-friendly way.

Whether as a stand-alone solution or partially or fully automated test systems, in the laboratory or in series production. With our in-house test engineering department, we offer our customers individual and innovative solutions for the following areas:

  • EOL test benches
  • Audit test benches
  • Endurance test benches
  • Image processing
  • Scara robot
  • Bent-arm robot
  • Portal Robot
  • Construction of special gripper solutions

In-house engineering office

We develop solutions for you in our in-house engineering office with the following CAD systems:

  • SolidWorks
  • Solid Edge
  • Inventor
  • ProE

Conception & Development

You have the task of converting your production or automating processes, but at best have vague ideas about how the project can be implemented technically & economically?

This is where we come in and support you to the best of our ability. With our wealth of experience gained over decades in a wide range of different areas
we show you ways how you can meet the constantly growing market requirements on the technical side.

Assembly technology
  • Caulking processes
  • Screwdriving processes
  • (Laser) welding processes
  • (Laser-) marking processes

Palletizing system

In automated production plants, the controlled and smooth infeed and outfeed as well as intermediate buffering of components is an important process. Our reliable and powerful palletizing systems bring order to your production, ensure the quality of your products and provide a high degree of autonomy, as well as an efficient and cost-effective production process.

We offer the following palletizing systems as an individual solution for your production.

  • Surface palletizer
  • Single-stack palletizer
  • Double Stack Palletizer
  • Integration of handling and inspection tasks in palletizing systems











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